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Car Club Membership Info

“Anyone can become a member of the Car Club. All it requires is to be nominated and seconded by a full member.”


Membership information and forms

New members are only accepted for either 'social membership' or 'full membership'. Only full members can vote at the AGM. Social members can enjoy all privileges of the club.
Please view and download the form that you need to apply and/or renew your membership:



PresidentLuciano Cragnolini
Senior Vice PresidentPeter Yamuna
Junior Vice PresidentTom Kipau
TreasurerStuart Robinson
SecretaryLeslie Ratcliffe
Committee MemberRobin Laing
Committee MemberMark Longstaff
Committee MemberJohn Ruxton
Committee MemberRichard Woolcock
Committee MemberMareano Lakae
Committee MemberBruce Bogle


Geoff GrevilCar Club Life Members
Life Members Shield
Peter Davies
Allan Morris Kerry Hibberd
Noel Chay (*)Colin Weeds
William (Bill) ChapmanHarry Lewis
Leo Jamerson (1)Charles Clark
Ron Gough Mike Ryan (1)
Norm JohnsonNeil Johnston
John Smith (1)Luciano Cragnolini (2)
Russel FidgeColin Burrows (1)
Irene Nicholls Kevin Gilliam (1)
Jim McCaughern (1)John Turner (2)
Kevin McConnel Guy Lamont (2)
Peter Meirsch Rosa Birner
Graham Davies (1) (2)John McGreevy (1)
Dick Dinsdale(1) (2)Vic Baran
Ken HuthKeith Wall
Phil BrittonScott Hay-McKenzie
Jimmy BraggsColin Hunter
Stuart Robinson 

NOTE: (1) denotes deceased, (2) denotes past president
              (*) first SPMSC President 1965 - 1970

Car Club News and Events
There is always something going on

  - Thursdays: Members key draw

  - Thursdays: Meat tray raffles

  - Fridays: Joker Draw

  - Fridays: Meat tray raffles